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Multi-Tech Systems
Developers Kit

The Multi-Tech Developer’s Kits provide a convenient platform enabling you to streamline your development efforts and evaluation of your products and applications.

The Developer’s Kits allow you to easily plug in the Multi-Tech embedded socket communications device and use it for testing, programming and evaluation. Developer’s Kits are available for all Multi-Tech embedded socket communications devices.

Add communication ability to your existing or new product with minimal engineering effort. Multi-Tech’s Universal Socket is a flexible, comm-port architecture that provides cellular, Ethernet, PSTN or Wi-Fi network access with interchangeable communications devices.

Please click on the links below for details on each socket device.
SocketModem IP®
SocketEthernet IP®
SocketWireless® Wi-Fi®
SocketWireless® Bluetooth®
SocketModem® iCell
SocketModem® HSDPA
SocketModem® EDGE

IMPORTANT: Please state which of the above socket devices you require when applying for the Universal Socket Developer’s Kit.


• One Developer’s Board Universal Power Supply
• 100-240V 9V-1A changeable blade power supply
• Three removable blades (US, Euro and UK) Cables
• One RS-232 DB9F-DB25M serial cable
• One RJ-11 phone cable
• One RJ-45 Ethernet cable
• One 1.5 meter USB cable Antenna Cables
• One SMA-to-MMCX antenna cable (for cellular antennas)
• Two SMA-to-UFL antenna cable (for select cellular and GPS antennas)
• One RSMA-to-UFL antenna cable (for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antennas) Antennas
• One quad-band antenna 850/1900/900/1800 (for cellular modems)
• One 2.4GHz, ½ WAVE with reverse polarity (for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices)
• One GPS antenna
• One Universal Socket Developer CD