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mTouch Projected Capacitive Development Kit

The mTouch Projected Capacitive Development Kit part # DM160211 includes a 3.5” sensor mounted on a sensor board, a projected-capacitive board with the PIC16F707 MCU and fully functional firmware.

The kit enables users to connect sensors to up to 24 channels, without modifying the firmware. The royalty-free source code supports sensors with up to 32 channels, and the kit includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool that enables customers to easily adjust key parameters that are important to their design.


PIC16F1937 Motherboard
PIC18F46J50 Motherboard
PIC24FJ64GB106 Motherboard
PIC32MX795F512H Motherboard
Direct 8 Key Board
12-Key Matrix Sensor Board
4-Channel Slider Sensor Board
2-Channel Slider Sensor Board
PICkit Serial Analyzer
USB cable