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MPLAB Starter Kit for dsPIC33E DSCs

The dsPIC33E USB Starter Kit provides a low cost method for the development and testing of USB Host and Device applications on the dsPIC33E DSC family.

The board contains an on-board programming/debugger, standard A USB and micro A/B connectors, three user-programmable LEDs, three push button switches and an expansion header compatible with Multimedia Expansion Board (DM32005) and I/O Expansion Board (DM320002). The Starter Kit comes preloaded with basic Communication Device Class (CDC) demonstation software.

1. dsPIC33E USB Starter Kit Development Board with a dsPIC33EP512MU810-I/PT DSC 2. dsPIC33E USB Starter Kit Information Sheet 3. USB mini-B to standard cable - USB debug cable to debug and power the board 4. USB micro-B to standard cable - USB cable to communicate with the dsPIC33E USB