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Three Channel Digital PWM Step Down Controller Evaluation Board

The XRP7713EVB-DEMO-1 Demo board is a complete, working, 3 channel, power system.

Capable of producing over 30 watts, it is optimized to provide 3.3V,2.5V and 1V at a maximum of 5 amps per channel. However, using the PowerArchitectTM Configuration and Design software one can program the outputs as desired. An interface board, the Exar Communication Module (XRP77xxEVB-XCM) plugs directly in and provides an interface between your PC and the I2C interface of the XRP7713. The order and ramp rates for each supply can be programmed to accommodate any sequencing requirement. All power supply operations can be controlled over an I2C interface. Faults, output voltages and currents can also be monitored. Four GPIO signals are available and can be programmed to provide status of power good signals enables and faults. Unused GPIO pins can be programmed as I/O expansion for a microcontroller.


• XRP7713 Programmable Controller
• 3 Channel Power System
• Wide Input Voltage Range: 4.5V-25V
• Over 30W Capable
• Small Form Factor: 1.75” x 1.75”
• I2C Interface − Programming − Monitoring − Control