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Future-Blox LPCXpresso Adaptor Board

Communications-rich platform board from Future Electronics brings LPCXpresso development into the real world

The Future-Blox LPCXpresso Adaptor Board is a new carrier card which enables design engineers to create a highly realistic system development environment using NXP Semiconductors’ renowned LPCXpresso ARM Cortex microcontroller board.

The LPCXpresso carrier card, called the Future-Blox LPCXpresso Adaptor Board, plugs into the 160-way header on Future Electronics’ CrossBow baseboard. The CrossBow baseboard provides a wide range of interfaces and peripherals including USB, CAN 2.0, RS-232 and RS-485 ports, sockets for optional ZigBee and Bluetooth sockets, power supplies and a 16x2 character display.

The carrier card, which is supplied with drivers for the CrossBow peripherals and code examples showing their use, therefore provides a means for users of the LPCXpresso development board to quickly build a proof-of-concept or prototype of their end product and to write application software targeting the ARM Cortex microcontroller on the LPCXpresso board. The LPCXpresso Adaptor Board can support either of two LPCXpresso development boards available from NXP – the boards for the LPC1114 ARM Cortex-M0 (part number OM11049) and the LPC1343 ARM Cortex-M3 (part number OM11048) have identical pin assignments.

The LPCXpresso Adaptor Board system from Future Electronics consists of three elements:

• The CrossBow baseboard.

• The adaptor board.

• An LPCXpresso development board, which plugs into the adaptor board