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Evaluation Board for SPV1050 ULP Energy Harvester and Battery Charger - Boost Configuration

The STEVAL-ISV019V1 is an evaluation board based on the ultralow power energy harvester and battery charger SPV1050.

The evaluation board implements the boost configuration of the DC-DC converter and has the purpose of enhancing the SPV1050 based applications development by testing the silicon performance thanks to many jumpers and test points, and by helping to find out the best system configuration to make the SPV1050 working at the most of efficiency.

The STEVAL-ISV019V1 is optimized to:

Harvest energy from PV panels supplying 1 V ≤ VMP≤ 2.5 V and 200 μA ≤ IMP≤ 10 mA.

Charge a battery with 3.7 V undervoltage protection threshold (VUVP) and 4.2 V end of charge voltage threshold (VEOC).

Nevertheless, few easy changes on the application components (input and output resistor partitioning, CINcapacitor) allow to use a different PV panel and source (like TEG), and battery by setting the VMPP_SET, the VUVPand the VEOCthresholds according to the new source and load.

  • First startup at Vin = 450 mV
  • Input voltage working range: 180 mV ≤ Vin ≤ VEOC
  • End of charge battery voltage: VEOC= 4.25 V
  • Battery undervoltage protection: VUVP= 3.7 V