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Breakout Board for MACHXO2 Series

The MachXO2 Breakout Board is a simple, low-cost board that provides convenient access to densely-spaced I/Os. Each I/O on the device is connected to a 100-mil header hole. By adding test probes, jumper wires or pin headers to the board, you can easily evaluate function and performance through the sysIO buffers of the MachXO2 device.

This board is a 3x3 inch form factor, and features a USB mini-B connector for power and programming, an LED array, and prototype area. A USB cable is included with the kit, and demos area available for download. By using the free Lattice design tools, you can reprogram the MachXO2 device to review your own custom designs.

New version! As of January 2013 this product has been upgraded to feature the MachXO2-7000HE device. Previous versions of this product featured the MachXO2-1200ZE device. The MachXO2-7000HE provides over 5x the logic capacity in a higher-performance FPGA, using the same package/footprint. The information provided on this web page includes some references to the MachXO2-1200ZE version for existing users of that version. If you require a new board with the MachXO2-1200ZE, see the MachXO2 Pico Development Kit.

FTDI Driver: The driver for the FTDI 2232HL on the MachXO2 Breakout board is included with installation of Diamond Programmer. Alternately, it can be downloaded from FTDI here.

  • MachXO2 FPGA: LCMXO2-7000HE-4TG144C
    (Note: Previous version of the board featured the LCMXO2-1200ZE-1TG144C device)
  • Pre-programmed hardware test program (source file is downloadable)
  • LEDs
  • Expansion header landings
  • Prototyping area
  • USB Mini-B connector (program/power)
  • JTAG header landing
  • RoHS-compliant