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Lattice Semiconductor
Simple, low-cost board with generous IO access.

The iCE40-HX8K Breakout Board is a simple low-cost board for evaluation and development with the iCE40 FPGA.

Each I/O of the device is connected to 100-mil spaced holes for convenient access. In addition, the board features switches and LEDs for easy user input and feedback.

The board is powered and programmed via a simple USB mini cable, included in the kit. Diamond programmer software can be used to reprogram the on-board SPI Flash with your customized code. The iCEcube2 software can be used to develop your own design. Both Diamond Programmer and iCEcube2 are available for free download.

The board ships with a simple demo pattern, which flashes the LEDs on and off. You can download the source code for this demo to help learn the software flow, and work as a base for your own designs.

  • iCE40HX-8k CT256 device
  • 8 user accessible LEDs
  • SPI Flash for programming configuration
  • 40 pin 0.1” header for user connectivity
  • 0.1” holes for user connectivity
  • FTDI 2232H for USB interface
  • 12Mhz oscillator
  • Jumpers to select programming the SPI flash or iCE40HX-8k