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4.5 V to 15 V Input Synchronous Buck Regulators Demo Board

The SiP12109 is a high frequency current-mode constant-on-time (CM-COT) synchronous buck regulator with integrated high-side and low-side power MOSFETs.

The SiP12109 is capable of 4 A continuous current. This regulator produces an adjustable output voltage down to 0.6 V from 4.5 V to 15 V input rail to accommodate a variety of applications.

The CM-COT architecture delivers ultra-fast transient response with minimum output capacitance and tight ripple regulation at very light load. The part is stable with any capacitor type and no ESR network is required for loop stability. The device also incorporate a power saving scheme that significantly increases light load efficiency. The regulator integrates a full protection feature set, including output overvoltage protection (OVP), output under voltage protection (UVP) and thermal shutdown (OTP). It also has UVLO for the input rail and an internal soft-start. The SiP12109 is available in lead (Pb)-free power enhanced 3 mm x 3 mm QFN-16 package.


• 4.5 V to 15 V input voltage
• Adjustable output voltage down to 0.6 V
• 4 A (SiP12109)/6 A (SiP12110) continuous output current
• Selectable switching frequency from 400 kHz to 1.5 MHz
with an external resistor
• 95 % peak efficiency
• Stable with any capacitor. No external ESR network
• Ultrafast transient response
• Power saving scheme for increased light load efficiency
• 1 % accuracy of VOUT setting
• Cycle-by-cycle current limit
• Fully protected with OTP, SCP, UVP, OVP
• PGOOD Indicator
• -40 C to +125 C operating junction temperature
• Output voltage tracking