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LAN9303 Small Form-Factor 3 Port Managed 10/100 Ethernet Switch

The EVB9303 is an Evaluation Board EVB that utilizes the LAN9303 to provide a fully functional three-port single MII/RMII/Turbo MII Ethernet switch.

The EVB9303 provides two fully integrated MAC/PHY Ethernet ports Ports 1 & 2 via on-board RJ45 connectors. Port 0 provides two MII port connectors which support the following: An external MII-/RMII-/Turbo MII-capable MAC with LAN9303 in PHY mode, via the onboard 40-pin male MII connector, an external MII-/Turbo MII-capable PHY with LAN9303 in MAC mode, via the onboard 40-pin female MII connector.