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ATSAMB11 based Xplained Pro Kit Demonstrating BLE Health Thermometer Application

The Atmel® SmartConnect SAM B11 is an ultra-low-power Bluetooth® SMART (BLE 4.1) system on a chip (SoC) integrated with an Atmel® | SMART microcontroller (MCU), transceiver, modem, MAC, PA, TR switch, and power management unit (PMU).


• BLE4.1 SoC with fully embedded stack (link and host layer, including ATT/GATT/GAP) in ROM (128KB)

• Cortex M0-based MCU with 128KB RAM and 256KB Flash (stacked die with SPI interface)

• Onboard ADC (11b) and PWM generator and general purpose timers

• Superior sensitivity (-96dBm) and range (TX pout = 4dBm max)

• Ultra-low power Consumption in advertising, connection, scanning modes

• SPI, UART and I2C as host interfaces

• Integrated PMU with buck DC/DC allows for vbat range of 2.3V-3.6V