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18 W wide input range ultra slim flyback converter using HVLED001A quasi resonant flyback controller and STD8N80K5Board

This board implements an offline power converter based on a single stage high-PF flyback topology using the HVLED001A controller.

A very slim form factor is achieved with innovative magnetic componentry.

The output voltage is controlled by the primary side, thus reducing the need for costly opto-couplers. The HVLED001A PSR precision and the innovative structure of the transformer makes for highly accurate output voltage regulation against load and line changes.

A very high efficiency is obtained and a full set of protections including output short circuit and input overvoltage is included.

Conducted EMI is pre-screened and clearances and creepage distances adhere to EN60950 safety requirements.

Power factor and THD are optimized to be respectively higher than 0.95 and lower than 10% at full load over the entire input voltage range.

The main application for this converter is for bus power supplies in a LED string driver providing 4 kV isolation.

  • Input voltage: Vin: 90 – 264 Vrms, f: 45 – 66 Hz
  • Output power:
    • 18 W at wide input range
    • 40 W at European input range
  • Output voltage: 56 V ▒5 %
  • High power factor, low THD
  • No-load: better than 400 mW at 230 Vin
  • Full load efficiency: greater than 92 %
  • Short circuit protection with auto restart
  • EMI: pre-compliant with EN55022 (B) limits
  • Safety: complies with EN60950
  • Dimensions: 183 mm x 28 mm x 17 mm
  • PCB: single sided, 35 Ám, FR4, mixed PTH/SMD