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STUSB1602 USB Type-C and Power Delivery Nucleo Pack with NUCLEO-F072RB

The STM32 Nucleo pack is designed for USB Type-C™ and Power Delivery specifications. Used with the embedded X-CUBE-USB-PD certified software, the P-NUCLEO-USB002 represents a development tool enabling fast prototyping of USB PD applications leveraging ready-to-use ST componentry and software.

The P-NUCLEO-USB002 kit is designed to exploit the performance of the STM32F072 32-bit microcontroller based on ARM Cortex-M0 and two STUSB1602 USB Type-C™ port controllers, for developing applications that manage up to two USB Type-C™ ports.

The STUSB1602 is a Type-C™ controller designed with 20-V technology that integrates a fully-featured USB type-C state machine and a USB PD PHY + BMC driver. This analog front end features: Type-C™ attach and cable orientation detection; Source / Sink / DRP power role configuration; Integrated VCONN power switch; Integrated VBUS & VCONN discharge path; High voltage protection (including CC pins); VBUS switch gate drivers.

The P-NUCLEO-USB002 is fully configurable and ready to support different power roles like provider, consumer or DRP.

The X-CUBE-USB-PD is compliant with the USB Type-C™ 1.2 and USB Power Delivery 2.0 specifications.

  • 32-bit ARM Cortex -M0-based microcontroller STM32F072RB with 128 kB Flash and 16 kB SRAM
  • Dual ports solution based on Certified USB Type-C™ port controller STUSB1602, featuring:
    • Type-C FSM with attach/detach and cable orientation detection
    • USB PD PHY and BMC transceiver
    • High voltage (20 V) technology
    • VBUS voltage monitoring
    • 600 mA VCONN power switch
    • VBUS & VCONN discharge paths
    • Dead-battery support
    • 22 V CC lines protection
    • VBUS switch gate drivers
  • Power connector to interface with external power supply (not included)
  • USB 2.0 full speed data communication interface
  • RoHS compliant