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Secure IoT End Nodes Dev kit

The NXP modular IoT Gateway reference design enables large node networks (LNNs) with pre-integrated, tested and RF certified support for a wide array of wireless communications protocols including: Thread, ZigBee and Wi-Fi.

This range of capability allows developers to easily build gateways based on this solution, using their choice of wireless protocols for end-to-end wireless communications in LNN configurations with supporting cloud options.

Operators of smart commercial buildings and smart industrial environments deploying massive mesh networks need to be able to commission, control and monitor thousands of end nodes. Built on a fully-supported, open source Linux platform running on the latest i.MX Processor, the robust Modular IoT Gateway addresses this demand by connecting Thread and ZigBee based end node devices securely with the cloud through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. In addition, local intelligence enables time critical responses and operation even when cloud connectivity is not available.

  • i.MX6 based MPU provides optimal application performance at lowest power point
  • Robust secure Large Node Network connectivity with Thread, Zigbee and BLE Mesh (coming soon)
  • Connect to cloud with connectivity options such as Ethernet and WiFi
  • NFC No Power Commissioning