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Rapid evaluation of Light, Colour and Proximity Sensors


The SensorXplorerTM is a demonstration kit designed to help evaluate Vishay’s digital sensors featured on Vishay’s sensor



These boards, along with their respective software modules, can be used to demonstrate and test each sensor’s functionalities, allowing the user to quickly understand how various settings affect the sensor’s results. The SensorXplorer board includes a USB to I2C interface chip, a 3.3 V regulator, several indication LEDs, as well as multiple GPIOs to control the functionality of each board and allow data to be read and displayed on a PC.



Micro USB connector to connect the SensorXplorer to a windows PC

Add-on connector to support future add-on boards

User LED

Sensor board connector (2 x 8 pins) for Vishay sensor boards.

Initialized LED

Test pins (11 pins) to allow external equipment (e.g. an oscilloscope) to be connected