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Wireless Flow Rate, Humidity, and Temperature Sensing Evaluation Kit

The SDAWIR evaluation kit demonstrates using the 6LoWPAN ZWIR4512 low power wireless module to communicate sensor measurement data to a WiFi hub that allows a linked device to display and graph the measured data in real time.

The sensors, FS2012 flow sensor and HS3001 humidity and temperature sensor, are mounted in a 5cm clear plastic cube that contains a ZWIR4512 wireless module to communicate with the hub. The WiFi hub and the sensor cube are powered by a separate AC/DC wall mount adapter.

The hub utilizes a Raspberry PI Zero W to provide the WiFi hub function interfaced to the ZWIR4512 wireless module. The hub is using Raspbian LXDE Lightweight Desktop Environment. Raspbian is a Debian-based computer operating system for the Raspberry Pi. The hub micro SD card is fully loaded and ready for operation.

  • 6LoWPAN-WiFi Hub operating with a Raspberry PI Zero W
  • Sensor Cube
    • HS3001 humidity sensor
    • FS2012 flow sensor
    • ZWIR4512 6LoWPAN RF module
  • Hose, useful USB and HDMI adapters
  • AC/DC wall mount adapter (two options available)