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NTAG I2C plus kit for Arduino® pinout

NXP’s NTAG IC plus kit suitable for any boards featuring an Arduino-compatible header, including LPCXpresso, Kinetis and i.MX boards.

It is designed to emulate using an NTAG IC plus tag chip in an embedded electronic system.

  • NTAG I2C plus antenna board mounted on an adaptor board with an Arduino-compatible header.
    • Connectivity to any device with Arduino pinout like
      • NXP Freedom board family (Kinetis)
      • UDOO Neo (i.MX)
  • Software support
    • Bluetooth pairing example based on NXP KW41Z
    • Projects available on Explorer Kit moved to Kinetis platform (e.g. pass-through mechanism)
    • Library for NTAG I2C plus available through MCUXpresso for FRDM-KW41Z