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PAN9026 - FCC version i.MX Evaluation Kit

This Kit shall demonstrate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth application integration on a common Host processor platform (Wandboard with i.MX6).

The XFCE Desktop Environment has implemented all necessary Linux user space applications like DHCP-Server and Client, Web-Server, Terminal Emulator, Web-Browser, Network Manager, and Multimedia Control. For showing Wi-Fi based connectivity with PAN9026 known wireless configuration utilities like hostapd, wpa-supplicant, nl80211 netlink, and wireless extensions are part of the environment. The Bluetooth capability shown by the integrated BlueSDK stack is present by a A2DP Pulse Audio and a Low Energy Beacona pplication.


European version: PAN9026-EU (ENWF90202A1EF),

NA Version: PAN9026-US (ENWF920A1EF)