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30 60VIN ZVS Buck Evaluation Board

This evaluation board is designed for the PI358x family of 7 x 8mm ZVS Bucks.

It can be configured to demonstrate a single product in a standalone local-sense or a remote-sense configuration.

The PI358x family of wide input range DC-DC ZVS Buck regulators feature high efficiency with integrated controller and power switches within a high-density 0.28 x 0.32in GQFN package. Required external components are placed inside a demarcation featuring a solution size of 1.09 x 0.96in. The demarcation includes an external inductor, compensation capacitor, voltage selection resistors, soft-start capacitor and input-output capacitors to form a complete DC-DC regulator.

  • High-Efficiency HV ZVS Buck Topology
  • Power up into pre-biased load < 6V
  • Fast and slow current limits
  • Differential amplifier for output remote sensing
  • User adjustable soft start & tracking
  • –20 to 120C operating range (Tint)
  • Wide input voltage range of 36V to 60V
  • Paralleling and single wire current sharing
  • Input Over/Under Voltage Lockout (OVLO/UVLO)
  • Output Overvoltage Protection (OVP)
  • Over Temperature Protection (OTP)