FTM Board Club
Lattice Semiconductor
CrossLink: LIF-MD6000 Master Link Board

Rapid development and performance evaluation – Access to all high performance interfaces and general purpose I/Os.

Daughter boards for system integration needs – SMA and Breakout I/O Link Boards included. Additional SMA, Breakout, Raspberry Pi AP Link and Raspberry Pi Camera Link boards also available.

Debug, IPs and development tools – Develop custom video interfacing solutions and configure CrossLink video interfacing IP with Lattice Diamond Software.

  • Contains the Lattice CrossLink LIF-MD6000 in 81-ball csfBGA package
  • Contains four connectors for interfacing to MIPI D-PHY and High Speed Programmable I/Os
  • Includes 0.1” header board, SMA board and LEDs for interfacing and control
  • Provides easy programming interface via USB with FTDI device