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NXP Freedom Development Platform for K32 L3 MCUs

The FRDM-K32L3A6 development board consists of the K32L3A6 device with a 32-Mbit external serial flash, FXOS8700 accelerometer/magnetometer, visible light sensor, SDHC circuit, general purpose LEDs, and general purpose push buttons in the popular Freedom board form-factor.

Get Started Documentation is here:áhttps://www.nxp.com/document/guide/get-started-with-the-frdm-k32l3a6:NGS-FRDM-K32L3A6á

  • 72 MHz Arm«áCortex«-M4 and Cortex-M0
  • 1.25 MB Flash
  • 384B SRAM
  • Secure boot/update capability
Power Management
  • Four selectable power sources including USB connector
  • DC-DC converter with Buck and Bypass operation modes
  • Jumpers and trace cuts enable accurate core current measurements
Full-speed USB module with device capability and built-in transceiver
Secure Digital Host Controller (SDHC) SDHC card slot supported
Serial Flash Memory 4 MB serial flash memory with SPI interface
Accelerator + Magnetometer Combo Sensor Six-axis accelerometer with integrated magnetometer
Visible Light Sensor Phototransistor connected to the ADC input channel for evaluating the ADC
User Application LEDs One RGB LED and one red LED controlled by GPIO
OpenSDA serial and debug Includes an open-source hardware design, an open-source DAPLink bootloader, and debug CMSIS-DAP interface software and bridges serial and debug communications between USB host and an embedded target processor