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ATECC608A Trust

The ATECC608A trust is an add-on board for the CryptoAuth Trust Platform and other Microchip development platforms that contain a mikroBUS header. The board supports a mikroElectronica header that connects to any board that has a mikroBUS connection. This board provides an alternative to the sample units that require a socket board for doing the initial development and testing.

The ATECC608A Trust contains the ATECC608A secure elements – Trust&GOTrustFLEX and TrustCUSTOM. This provides a user the ability to develop solutions with any of these secure elements based on the requirements of the application. The user guide provides a physical overview of the connections and switch setting implemented on the board. 

  • Contains 8 ATECC608A secure elements
    - 1 Trust&GO: ATECC608A-TNGTLS
    - 3 TrustFLEX: ATECC608A-TFLXTLS
    - 4 TrustCUSTOM: ATECC608A-MAHDA
  • mikroBUS header for connecting to any mikroBUS host header
  • Can also be connected to any Microchip Xplained boards using ATMBusAdapter
  • DIP switch to select the required secure element for development purpose. 
  • Ability to select one device of each type (max 3).