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ON Semiconductor
KNX Transceiver for Twisted Pair Networks Evaluation Board

The NCN513010GEVB Evaluation Board is the ideal solution for developing your KNX application with an ON Semiconductor KNX transceiver. The evaluation board contains the KNX transceiver which handles the transmission and reception of data on the bus. It will also generate all necessary voltages to power the board and external loads.

NCN5130 is a receiver−transmitter IC suitable for use in KNX twisted pair networks (KNX TP1−256). NCN5130 embeds both PHY and MAC layers and handles the transmission and reception of data on the bus. It generates from the unregulated bus voltage stabilized voltages for its own power needs as well as to power external devices. NCN5130 assures safe coupling to and decoupling from the bus. Various monitors (bus voltage, current, temperature...) are made available through an analog pin.

  • KNX certified TP transceiver with embedded PHY and MAC layers (TP1-256) . 9600 Bauds communication speed.
  • NCN5130 can be used in any TP1-256 application
  • Two high efficient DC-DC converters + one linear regulator :
    - DC-DC1 : fixed 3.3 V
    - DC-DC2 : adjustable between 1.2 and 21 V
    - 20V linear regulator
  • Most KNX applications can directly be supplied from the NCN5130 removing the need for external costly power supply.
    Best in Class overall system efficiency.
  • Bus Current Consumption up to 40 mA
  • Enables variety of high end/ power demanding KNX applications.
  • Supervision of temperature, KNX bus voltage and current
  • Control and monitoring of power regulators
  • Buffering of sent data frames (extended frames upported)
  • Selectable UART/SPI interface and baud rate to host controller.
  • Comprehensive clocking system
    - Operates with industry standard low cost 16 MHz quartz
    - Can generate 8/16 MHz clock for the external MCU
  • Extended ambient temperature range -40 C to +105 C