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Cool-Power® ZVS Switching Regulators

 The PI3740-00-EVAL1 evaluation board demonstrates the features and benefits of Vicor’s ZVS Buck- Boost regulator; pre-configured for either a 12V or 24V output voltage and rated for up to 140W under certain input and output ranges with proper thermal management. The output is set to 12V by default and 24V when JGP is removed. Please refer to the corresponding PI3740-00-LGIZ data sheet for all power specifications. The PI3740-00-EVAL1 evaluation board is used with the following ZVS buck-boost products: PI3740-00-LGIZ.

The evaluation board provides several options for applying input power (VIN and GND) and output load (VOUT and GND). The user can solder tab style banana jacks or wire, use threaded connectors with retaining nuts, or solder turret pins for clip-on connections.


The evaluation board comes with all of the PI3741-0x-LGIZ’s features accessible to the user. The current monitor function (IMON) is set-up to monitor the PI3741-0x-LGIZ's output current, sensed across a 5mΩ resistor. The general purpose amplifier (VDIFF) comes pre-set with a gain of 2, but can be easily re-configured for differential measurements by adding extra 0603 resistors.