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S32K144 Evaluation Board

The S32K144EVB is low cost evaluation platform and development system for quick application prototyping and demonstration for the S32K144 MCU.

  • 0Small form factor
  • Arduino™ UNO footprint-compatible with expansion “shield” support
  • On-board connectivity for CAN, LIN, UART/SCI
  • Integrating an SBC (UJA1169) and LIN phy (TJA1027)
  • Easy access to the MCU I/O header pins for prototyping.
  • Potentiometer, RGB LED, 2x push buttons and 2 touch pads
  • Integrated open-standard serial and debug adapter (OpenSDA) with support for several industry-standard debug interfaces
  • Flexible power supply options (microUSB or external 12 V supply)