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NTAG I2C plus Explorer Kit with NFC Reader

This kit includes all components of OM5569-NT322E and on top an NFC reader. Use the PC demo application with the external reader to communicate with the NTAG IC plus Explorer board instead of using an NFC-enabled phone.




NXP’s NTAG ICplusExplorer Kit is an all-in-one demonstration and development resource for NFC connected tags. Designed to emulate using an NTAG ICplustag chip in an embedded electronic system, the kit centers around a multi-purpose microprocessor-based development/demo board, and includes a full complement of hardware and software tools to support investigation of the NTAG IC chip operation, the NFC RF communication link, and the IC serial bus connected link; perform a variety of demonstrations; and develop/test your own applications.

  • FCC and CE certified
  • Dual purpose demonstration and development hardware board based on the NXP LPC 11U24 microcontroller
  • Onboard LCD display
  • NXP LM75B temperature sensor
  • Voltage monitors
  • IC serial bus connector
  • JTAG debug connector
  • Demonstrate bi-directional IC serial bus/NFC communication
  • Illustrate NDEF messaging
  • Monitor energy harvesting capability
  • Provides a localized application development environment