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Sequana Thermal
Contactless temperature measurement and thermal imager in Arduino-compatible shield format

The Sequana Thermal board designed by Future Electronics combines a far-field infrared thermal sensor array, the MLX90640 from Melexis, and a PaPIR infrared proximity sensor from Panasonic. It is supplied in an Arduino-compatible shield format.

The THERMALeye design is ideally suited to a new generation of edge computing applications: the i.MX RT1050/ i.MX RT1060 has the power to perform sophisticated local analytics functions such as people detection or robot position control, without the need to transfer large data streams to a cloud computing service.


i.MX RT1050/i.MX RT1060, a crossover 600MHz Arm® Cortex®-M7 chip, combining the high-speed processing capability of an applications processor with the integration and usability of a microcontroller. The THERMALeye software bundle includes:


  • Arm® MBED™ operating system which provides comprehensive connectivity and security functions as well as system management
  • Low level software – sensor drivers for the MLX90640 and PaPIR; display driver for the Tianma 4.3" display
  • Integrated libraries for people detection