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Future Electronics
Sequana Environmental
Sensor shield board provides complete system for indoor air quality measurement.

Future Electronics’ Sequana Environmental, an Arduino-compatible shield board, provides a ready-made sensor hub which can monitor aspects of the indoor environment including indoor air quality.


The Sequana Environmental board features the latest sensor chips from suppliers including Sensirion, IDT, Murata, STMicroelectronics and ams, and can measure parameters such as the concentration of airborne pollutants, total volatile organic compounds and carbon dioxide, relative humidity, noise and light.

This multi-sensor board is supported by comprehensive firmware, giving the user a platform for the rapid development of proofs-of-concept of indoor environmental sensing products. The firmware, which runs on the Arm® Mbed™ operating system (others can be supported upon request), is hosted on the Arduino-compatible Sequana main board.


Future Electronics’ Sequana main board is a system-level platform for the Sequana Environmental sensor hub board. The Sequana main board features a Cypress Semiconductor PSoC® 63 dual-core system-on-chip which:

• Processes sensor inputs from the shield board

• Runs environment-monitoring applications and sensor related algorithms in an energy efficient way

• Connects to other devices via an on-chip Bluetooth® Low Energy radio