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The Battery Management Reference Design with Functional Safety Features up to ASIL C

It is constructed with a two boards approach a functional safety System-on-Module (Safety SoM) board and a Battery Management System (BMS) application board. The Safety SoM is based on NXP's S32K144 and KEA microcontrollers, and FS4503C safety power system. The BMS application board is based on NXP’s MC33772B battery cell controller IC.NewTec NTBMS is an e-mobility reference design and complete safety support package for Battery Management Systems.


The support package includes the necessary safety documentation and software for certification purposes. It is intended for device manufacturers with Lithium-ion batteries and suppliers of automotive or industrial applications with a high degree of reliability and safety in accordance with ISO 26262 targeting safety level up to ASIL C, or IEC61508 SIL2.

    Typical use cases would be:
  • Automotive Battery Management System for 14V auxiliary battery
  • Monitoring of starter batteries
  • Extendable to 48V battery systems
  • Stationary Energy Storage systems; Smart Grid

In addition, the Safety SoM can be used as a generic safety computer board addressing a wide area of applications such as motor control, Valve Control systems, safety PLC or Motorcycle ABS.

For more information, visit the NewTec page.

  • Permanent measurement of cell voltages
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Overcurrent / overvoltage detection
  • Undervoltage detection (short circuit)
  • Safe relay (breaker) control (ASIL C)
  • Unintended relay close
  • Unintended relay open
  • Various definable Safe States
  • LIN and CAN bus interface
  • Crash detection
  • Overcurrent control fuse
  • Power supply with watchdog protection
  • Control of up to 6 Lithium-ion battery cells
  • Electrical current carrying capability: 200 A continuous current, 800 A maximum current
  • Operating Current < 25 mA@RT
  • Intrusive diagnostics (performed by MCU)
  • Memory storage (RAM & flash)
  • Power management (low power and normal mode)
  • All components AEC-Q qualified
  • Programmable in C