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SGX Sensortech
Evaluation Board for the INIR- Integrated Infrared Sensor

The SGX INIR-Ek4 evaluation board makes the testing and evaluation of the INIR sensors, easy and trouble free. The Software with the Evaluation Kit is compatible with Windows Operating System only and at the moment is not possible to read the Analogue output by using the Evaluation Software.

Both the Smart IR module and the Integrated IR have been designed with the latest technology, using a microcontroller unit with an ARM7TDMI core and via software design the necessary techniques have been implemented to increase the reliability of the device therefore minimize the probability of faults. The Smart IR and the Integrated IR are user friendly electronic modules and are designed to fit directly on to SGX Sensortech’s existing Series 2 gas sensor product types like IR12GM_1 or IR11GM_1.


  • The default calibration for Methane if 0-100% Full Range and for Carbon dioxide is 0-5% Full Range.
  • For special samples or other target gas please contact Component Distributors
    (Not all concentrations are available with all gases.)