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LPC845 Breakout Board for LPC84x family MCUs

The LPC845 breakout board provides a powerful and flexible development system for NXP's low end Cortex-M0+-based LPC84x Family of MCUs, delivered in an ultra-low-cost evaluation board.

This breakout board can be used with a range of development tools, including the MCUXpresso IDE toolchain. The LPCXpresso845 Breakout board is developed by NXP to enable evaluation of and prototyping with the LPC84x family of MCUs.

The LPC845 breakout board features an on-board CMSIS-DAP debug and VCOM port, RGB user LEDs, capacitive touch button, user potentiometer and allows an easy prototyping experience with access to 38 LPC845 port pins.

Board LPC845 in QFN48 package
Compatible with MCUXpresso IDE and other popular toolchains (incl. IAR and Keil)
  Options to allow measurement of current consumed by MCU
  • On-board CMSIS-DAP debug interface
    • Includes VCOM support (UART bridged via USB to host)
  • Optional external probe header
  • On-board CMSIS-DAP (debug probe) with VCOM port, based on LPC11U35 MCU
  Easy Prototyping access with 38-port pins
  • Capacitive Touch evaluation button
  • User Potentiometer
  • Target ISP and User buttons
  • Target Reset Button