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PSoC 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping Kit

The PSoC 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping Kit (CY8CPROTO-062-4343W) is a low-cost hardware platform that enables design and debug of PSoC 6 MCUs. It comes with a CY8CMOD-062-4343W daughter card, industry-leading CapSense® for touch buttons and slider, on-board debugger/programmer with KitProg3, MicroSD card interface, 512-Mb Quad-SPI NOR flash, PDM microphone, and a thermistor. It also includes a Murata LBEE5KL1DX module, based on the CYW4343W combo device.

Featuring the PSoC 62 MCU, providing up to 2MB flash and 1MB SRAM

PSoC 6 is purpose-built for the IoT, delivering the industry’s lowest power, most flexibility, and built-in security for the IoT. It delivers dual-cores, with a 150-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 as the primary application processor and a 100-MHz Arm Cortex-M0+ as the secondary processor for low-power operations. To find out about the unique and differentiating features of our PSoC 6 MCUs, please visit the PSoC 6 product page.