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Outdoor Air Quality Sensor Platform Evaluation Kit

The ZMOD4510-EVK creates an easy way to evaluate the ZMOD4510 Outdoor Air Quality sensor. While the ASIC inside the sensor module controls the actual MOx and MEMS sensing element, the MCU-based electronic module controls the IC to USB communication interface.

The system may be connected to a Windows PC via a bi-directional USB connection and the sensor may be tested by using the provided evaluation software. The output is shown as a raw signal (resistance), as the measured concentration for ozone and nitrogen oxides combined, and as a standardized outdoor air quality rating based on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • HiCom IC communication assembly
  • USB cable
  • Full-speed USB interface standard; optional IC interface
  • Evaluation software
  • Flexible evaluation software for upcoming software releases (inlcuding selectivity)
  • Additional pins to measure power consumption, supply voltage, and GPIO trigger for external devices
  • Interface to use the IDT Temperature and Humidity sensor