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MP-A11 Fixed Frequency Transmitter 22 watts capability Reference Design

A reference design for a single – coil fixed frequency wireless charging transmitter using the WCT10xx IC.

The 22W watt MP-A11 single-coil fixed frequency wireless charging transmitter reference design, uses the WCT10xx transmitter controller IC that integrates all required functions for the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi-compliant wireless power transmitter design. This solution uses NXP touch sensing technology or analog PING to detect a mobile device for charging while using the lowest possible standby power.

  • Compliant with the latest version Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) power class 0 specification power transmitter design
  • Supports wide transmitter DC input voltage range of 5 V to 24 V
  • Integrated digital demodulation
  • Supports two-way communication, transmitter to receiver by FSK and receiver to transmitter by ASK
  • Supports Q factor detection and calibrated power loss based Foreign Object Detection (FOD) framework
  • Supports low standby power
  • Uses rail voltage control, phase difference control or duty cycle control with the fixed operation frequency to alleviate EMI in the EMI sensitive system
  • Supports operation frequency dithering technology to eliminate interference with specific frequency band electronic devices
  • Supports CAN/IIC/SCI/SPI interfaces
  • LED for system status indication
  • Over-voltage/current/temperature protection
  • Software based solution to provide maximum design freedom and product differentiation