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CrossLink-NX Evaluation Board

Prototyping Board with Abundant I/O, PCIe 5G SERDES, Expansion Headers and 40K Logic Cells

More I/O access – With 118 wide range I/O, 37 high-speed differential pair I/O, one PCIe 5G SERDES channel and 40K Logic Cells available for user-defined applications, the CrossLink-NX Evaluation Board allows designers to better investigate and experiment with the features of CrossLink-NX FPGA family.

Expandable usability – The board features a CrossLink-NX 40K LC FPGA in a 400-ball caBGA package (LIFCL-40-9BG400C.) In addition the board has an ability to expand the usability of the CrossLink-NX with FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC), Raspberry Pi, Digilent Peripheral Module (Pmod™), MIPI CSI-2, D-PHY and general purpose I/O expansion headers.

Rapid prototyping of user functions – Features of the CrossLink-NX Evaluation Board can assist engineers with the rapid prototyping and testing of their specific designs.

  • CrossLink-NX FPGA (LIFCL-40-9BG400C)
  • USB-B connection for device programming and Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) utility
  • On-board Boot Flash – 128 Mbit Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Flash, with Quad read feature
  • 8 input DIP switches, 4 push buttons, 3 Status LEDs and 14 LEDs for demo purposes
  • Multiple reference clock sources