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Target Board for RX family

Target Board for RX family provides an entry point to evaluation, prototyping and developing for the RX MCU family. Moreover, since this board incorporates an emulator circuit, you can use it for your own application design without the need for further tool investments.

This product provides through-holes for pin headers that allow access to all MCU signal pins, allowing an easy prototyping with a breadboard. Remarkable in the Target Board for RX family concept is the reuse of the same PCB for all variations. This proves the claim that the RX MCU family has a common pin assignment concept, which allows a seamless transition between different RX Groups and Series using the same package version.

  • On-board RX MCU (Each Target Board contains different RX family series)
  • Excellent choice for basic evaluation and development of selected MCU
  • Full access to all MCU pins by provided header through-hole connections
  • Included on-chip debugging can be used for own development
  • USB connector to power and debug the MCU (no USB cable included)
  • Development environment like eČ studio can be downloaded for free