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VGA Time-of-Flight sensor evaluation kit

The EVK75027 is the evaluation kit for the MLX75027 VGA Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor.

The MLX75027 enables real-time 3D imaging at full VGA resolution. The evaluation kit is a complete ToF camera and can be directly connected to a PC for visualization and recording of depth map data while allowing direct access to many configuration settings.

The EVK75027 is a modular plug-and-play platform perfectly set up for customization by its customers. The kit consists of four stacked PCBs (from top to bottom: illumination board, ToF sensor board, interface board, and a processor board). It is possible to detach the top two PCBs from the bottom two PCBs by bypassing the board to board connection with an external cable suitable for FPD-Link III communication. A graphical user interface for Windows is provided for live depth map visualization, basic recording, analysis and configuration.

For custom SW development, a MATLAB SDK and C API is provided. The built-in flexibility of our evaluation kit enables any designer to develop the necessary system know-how and product experience for use in their application.

The evaluation kit is available 110 horizontal field-of-view and 940 nm VCSEL illumination.

  • Full VGA resolution up to 35 distance frames per second

  • VCSELs illumination with 110 FOV @940 nm

  • Detachable illumination and processing board

  • Modulation frequencies up to 100 MHz

  • Live depth map visualization, basic recording, analysis and configuration