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PAN9026 - FCC version – i.MX Evaluation Kit

This Kit shall demonstrate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth application integration on a common Host processor platform (Wandboard with i.MX6).
The XFCE Desktop Environment has implemented all necessary Linux user space applications like DHCP-Server and Client, Web-Server, Terminal Emulator, Web-Browser, Network Manager, and Multimedia Control. For showing Wi-Fi based connectivity with PAN9026 known wireless configuration utilities like hostapd, wpa-supplicant, nl80211 netlink, and wireless extensions are part of the environment.

The Bluetooth capability shown by the integrated BlueSDK stack is present by a A2DP Pulse Audio and a Low Energy Beacon application.

There are two image versions available:
1. Demo Image
An Ubuntu Linux based environment is available to showcase all the different possibilities of the PAN9026 module, which also allows the user to experiment with the system using a graphical user interface. This environment is described in the Quick Start Guide. This image will be provided on the SD card with the kit.
2. Developer Image
Yocto Project Linux based environment is available to showcase the easy integration into a customer-specific build environment. This environment is described in the Development Guide. It is intended for experienced software engineers that want to get the PAN9026 module to work in their custom Linux-based host system