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ASDAK- AgileSwitch SiC Accelerated Development Kit

This new tool gives system designers the flexibility to adjust system performance through software upgrades using our Intelligent Configuration Tool (ICT) and a Device Programmer. No more burning up driver boards - no soldering required.
The ICT offers configuration of different drive parameters including On/Off Gate Voltages, DC Link and Temperature Fault Levels, and Augmented Switching

Small changes to the Augmented Switching profiles can yield dramatic improvements in switching efficiency, overshoot, ringing, and short-circuit protection.
AgileSwitch® 2ASC-12A1HP AgileSwitch Silicon Carbide Accelerated Development Kit – 1.2kV

The 62mm Electrical Master is a 2-Channel Gate Driver Board for 1.2kV 62MM, D3, SP6 SiC modules. These Plug and Play Gate Driver Boards feature Augmented Switching™ control, robust short circuit protection and are fully software configurable.

Optimized for Heavy Duty Vehicle, Auxiliary Power Unit, Charging, Storage, Inverters and Induction Heating applications, these Gate Driver Boards are UL compliant for up to 1.2kV rated modules (and below), can switch up to 200 kHZ and provide up to 7 unique fault and monitoring conditions, including Temperature and High Voltage Monitoring.


Standard 1200V 62mm Style Modules