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DCM3623 VI Chip DCM DC/DC Step Down Isolated Outputs Evaluation Board

 The Analog Control 3623 and 4623 ChiP DCM evaluation boards described in this document are designed to be used with the DCM family of isolated, DC-DC converters. The 3623 DCM board is used for the analog control, low input voltage 3623 ChiP products, while the 4623 DCM board is used for the analog control, high input voltage (offline) 4623 ChiP products.


1. Input and output lugs for source and load connections

2. Input fuse (appropriately rated)

3.Basic input filtering, including sockets to add through-hole input aluminum-electrolytic capacitors for additional source decoupling

4. Basic output filtering, including sockets to add through-hole output aluminum-electrolytic capacitors

5. Toggle switch for enabling and disabling the DCM via the ENABLE pin

6. Trim control selection

a. Using potentiometer

b. Using external voltage source

c. Open, to disable trimming and latch the model nominal trim condition

7. Provisions to replace input and output differential mode inductors with wire loops, for oscilloscope/shunt based current measurements

8. Oscilloscope probe jack for accurate, high frequency output voltage measurements

9. Dual paralleling connectors for ENABLE, TRIM, FAULT and SGND signal connections, for daisy chaining control to other DCM evaluation boards in an array

10. Kelvin voltage test points for all power pins

11. Top and bottom heatsink assembly for the DCM