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PRM48B VI Chip DC/DC Step Up/Down Non-Isolated Outputs Evaluation Board

A Factorized Power Architecture™ offers a fundamentally new and improved approach to distributed power. Factorizing DC-DC power conversion into its basic functions – isolation and transformation on the one hand and output voltage control and regulation on the other – and arranging those functions in a sequence maximizes power system performance and cost effectiveness. VTM™ modules put isolated current multiplication and voltage division directly at the point-of-load (PoL), and an upstream PRM™ non-isolated regulator controls the Factorized Bus voltage supplied to the VTM to provide line and load regulation. With this architecture, the Factorized Bus voltage can be relatively high; distribution losses can be minimized with narrower copper traces; and the PRM may be located at any convenient location, either adjacent to or remote from the VTM. PRMs operate from a wide variety of input sources to drive VTMs. VTMs are extremely fast and quiet and provide voltage division ratios as high as 32. VTMs enable the user to efficiently supply up to 100A from each full VI Chip