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Evaluation Kit for RA4W1 MCU Group

The EK-RA4W1 evaluation kit enables users to effortlessly evaluate the features of the RA4W1 MCU Group and develop embedded systems applications using Renesas' Flexible Software Package (FSP) and various IDEs.


MCU Native Pin Access

  • 48MHz, Arm Cortex-M4 core
  • 512kB Code Flash, 96kB SRAM
  • 56 pins, QFN package
  • MCU headers: 28 pins x2
  • MCU current measurement points

Ecosystem & System Control Access

  • USB Full Speed device
  • 5V input through USB debug
  • Debug on-board (Segger J-Link)
  • One Digilent PmodTM (SPI)
  • User LED
  • Mechanical user button
  • MCU boot configuration jumper
  • Arduino™ UNO connector