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15 kW, three-phase, three-level Active Front End (AFE) bidirectional converter for industrial and electric vehicle DC fast charging applications

This reference design represents a complete solution for three-phase AC/DC and DC/AC (800VDC to 400VAC) applications based on a digital platform optimized for power conversion.

It is well suited for the Active Front End (AFE) stage in high power charging stations, industrial battery chargers and UPS. The high switching frequency of the SiC MOSFETs and the multilevel structure allow nearly 99% efficiency as well as the optimization of passive power components in terms of size and cost.

  • 3-phase, 3-level bidirectional AC/DC power converter:
    • Rated nominal DC voltage: 800VDC
    • Rated nominal AC voltage: 400VAC @ 50Hz
    • Nominal power: 15kW
  • AC to DC rectifier mode:
    • Power factor control (PFC) PF>0.99
    • Inrush current control and soft start-up
  • DC to AC inverter mode:
    • Active and reactive power control
    • Integrated grid connection solution
  • Power section based on SiC MOSFETs:
    • High frequency operation (100kHz)
    • High efficiency, η = 99%
    • Passive element weight and size reduction
  • Control section based on STM32G474RE microcontroller:
    • P2P compatible with other STDES 3-phase power converters
    • 4 integrated high-performance op-amps
    • Control and monitoring interfaces: SWIM, UART, IC, DACs
    • 64-pin Digital Power connector
    • Overcurrent and overvoltage protection
    • Configurable topology (2 – 3 levels)