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ZVS Buck Regulator

This evaluation board is designed for the PI352x family of 10 x 14 ZVS Bucks. It can be configured to demonstrate a single product in a stand-alone local sense or a remote sense configuration.

The PI352x family of wide input range DC-DC ZVS-Buck regulators feature high efficiency with integrated controller, power switches, and support components all within a high density 0.4” x 0.55” System-in-Package (SiP). Required components are placed inside a demarcation featuring a solution size of 7.3” x 1.35”. The demarcation includes an external inductor, compensation capacitor, voltage selection resistors, soft-start capacitor, and input-output capacitors to form a complete DC-DC regulator.


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1. Input and output lugs for source and load connections.

2. Input sockets to place through-hole input aluminum-electrolytic capacitor.

3. Input source filter (L102, R105).

4. Toggle switch (S101) for enabling and disabling the regulator through the EN pin.

5. Oscilloscope probe jack for accurate, high frequency input (J101) and output (J102) voltage measurement.

6. Signal pins test points and wire connectors.

7. Kelvin voltage test points and sockets for all pins of the SiP product.

8. Access to voltage switching node VS1 with a nearby ground receptacle.

9. Mode selection switch for local (default) and remote sense loop.

10. Trim control selection for both local and remote sense:
a. ADJ: potentiometer to exercise the full output range.
b. Fixed: resistor to set unit to nominal output.

11. Local and remote sense AC signal injection (J201).