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ZVS Isolated DC-DC Converter Evaluation Board

The PI31523-00-EVAL1 evaluation board allows the user to test the basic operating principles of the PI31xx series of high-density DC-DC power converters and experience the performance and value of this solution compared to alternate conventional solutions. Each evaluation board is populated with the components that could be used in a final design. It is not designed or intended to be used in end-product applications. Please read this document prior to the connection of test equipment and refer to the product data sheet for device specifications, descriptions and characteristics. Remember to follow good lab safety practices and use safety glasses at all times.

The PI31523-00-EVAL1 is configured to support one single input and one single output. Each board offers pin-strap options for trimming the output voltage up and down, turning the converter on and off and adding EMI system “Y” capacitors. Additional parts are included to compensate for line impedance associated with long leads from the bench power supply to the converter. Additional component footprints are made available to allow the user to test different design configurations that may be required to meet their end needs. Kelvin-type test points are included to allow for easy and convenient connections of testing instruments for evaluation of efficiency, line/load regulation and transient response. A low-impedance oscilloscope connection using a Johnson jack is included for ripple measurement and evaluation of the output voltage during transient events. Each demo board is equipped with a heat sink to allow high-power operation with a small amount of air flow and to allow operation of the board over various temperature extremes.


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