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High-performance platform for 35W auxiliary power-supply

The 60W TobogGaN reference design board from Future Electronics is a complete AC-DC converter for industrial and telecoms auxiliary power supplies.

It is also ideal for any general-purpose application which requires high efficiency, small size, or the flexibility to use a single design across multiple end products.

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At just 58mm x 49mm x 32 mm, the TobogGaN board achieves high power density. At the heart of the board is the InnoSwitch™3-Pro from Power Integrations, a highly integrated flyback controller which reduces component count and saves board space. It incorporates a quasi-resonant flyback controller, FluxLink™ isolated feedback system for high regulation accuracy and rapid transient response, a secondary-side synchronous controller, and Power Integrations’ own PowiGaN™ gallium nitride switch technology.


Power Integrations’ PowiGaN technology is widely used in the latest ultra-compact USB Type-C chargers because of its high efficiency and low thermal dissipation. Gallium Nitride (GaN) switches produce lower switching and conduction losses than silicon MOSFETs of an equivalent power rating.

Thanks to the high efficiency of the PowiGaN primary-side switches in the Innoswitch3-Pro, the TobogGaN board achieves efficiency of 92% at peak load. This means it can often be used in a power supply with no heat-sinking, even when operating at the maximum ambient temperature rating of 60C.


The TobogGaN board’s InnoSwitch3-Pro controller provides for digital configuration via its I2C interface. Designers can select important power-system parameters such as output voltage and current limit. Designs based on the TobogGaN board can be easily modified to meet the requirements of multiple applications with a single hardware platform.