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MIC28517 Evaluation Board

The MIC28517 70V/8A HLL Step Down Evaluation Board allows for the evaluation of the MIC28517 Synchronous Buck Switcher over an input supply range of 4.5V to 70V while providing 8A. The device operates with a programable switching frequency from 270kHz to 800kHz and with two selectable modes: CCM or HLL to improve efficiency at light loads.

Click here to view: ADM00929 for the MIC28516


- Vin between 4.5V and 70V (optimized for 48V)
- Vout between 0.6V and 12V Selectable through jumper J10 at 8A (default option is set to 5V)
- 270kHz to 800 kHz Switching Frequency (adjustable from 270 kHz to 800 kHz)
- MODE selection trough jumper J6, allows user to select CCM or HLL mode of operation.
- Open-drain Power Good signal (PG), which signals when the output is in regulation.
- A logic level Enable (EN) signal that can be used to enable or disable the controller.
- Programmable Current Limit
- “Hiccup” Mode Short-Circuit Protection
- Thermal Shutdown
- Safe Start-Up into Prebiased Output