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ON Semiconductor
NCL30486 60W Evaluation Board

The NCL30486 is a high PF Single stage Constant Current and Constant Voltage PSR PWM controller for Flyback/ Buck-Boost/ Sepic/ Boost. This controller operates in a QR mode to provide high efficiency. Thanks to a novel control method, the device is able to tightly regulate a constant LED current from the primary side. This device is providing very deep analog dimming output current with two dedicated dimming control input pin – ADIM and PDIM.

  • Integrated 700 V HV Startup
  • Fast startup and low standby power
  • Precise current regulation accuracy (<2% typical)
  • Constant brightness
  • Precise voltage regulation accuracy (<1% typical)
  • Aux. power supply for MCU & cold start up
  • PF(>0.95)/THD(<10%)
  • Exceeds global standards
  • Quasi-resonant control
  • Higher efficiency
  • Optional PSR/SSR mode
  • Design flexibility
  • Optional Dimming curve: Linear/Quadratic
  • Design flexibility
  • ADIM: Analog output current with DC signal, PWM output current with PWM signal
  • Supports “Smart” Lighting
  • PDIM: Analog output current with PWM signal
  • Simple design
  • DIM CV Mode
  • Vcc supply for Smart lighting MCU
  • Optional Min. Dim. Clamping(0/1/5/8%)
  • Design flexibility
  • Protections - BO/ Line OVP/ VCC OVP - LED Open/ short protection - Winding / Diode short protection - TSD
  • High system reliability