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Certus-NX Versa Evaluation Board

Connectivity Platform with 5G PCIe, SGMII, DDR3 Memory and 40K Logic Cells

Connectivity platform with 5G PCIe and SGMII – Enables designers to evaluate connectivity features of the Certus-NX FPGA, including PCI Express (5 Gbps), SGMII (1.25 Gbps), DDR3 memory interface (1066 Mbps x 16 data width) and camera sensor interface (using D-PHY soft IP).

Efficient processing and expandable usability – Features Certus-NX low-power general purpose FPGA with 40K logic cells in a 256-BGA package. Board functions can be expanded via three Digilent Peripheral Module (Pmod™) headers available on the board.

Rapid prototyping and proof-of-concept demos – Assists engineers with rapid prototyping and testing of their Certus-NX designs. Several demos and reference designs targeting this board are available for download from the Lattice Solutions page, to speed-up development of PCI Express, SGMII, DDR3, soft error correction (SEC) and soft D-PHY camera interface functions.

  • Certus-NX FPGA (LFD2NX-40-8BG256C)
  • PCI Express 2.0 endpoint edge connector (x1 lane), two Gigabit Ethernet ports, DDR3L-18661 memory (MT41K64M16TW-107:J from Micron), quad SPI flash (MT25QU128ABA1ESE-0SIT from Micron), three 12-pin Pmod™ connectors for expandability, two camera sensors (one using soft D-PHY interface, other using parallel interface)
  • USB-B connection for device programming and Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) utility
  • Four input DIP switches, five push buttons, eight status LEDs and one 7-segment LED for customer purposes
  • Multiple reference clock sources

1 Certus-NX FPGAs support DDR3 memory at data-rates up to 1066 Mbps