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Lattice Sentry Demo Board for Mach-NX

384-bit Cryptography Demonstration and Test Platform

Supports Development of PFR – The Lattice Sentry Demo Board for Mach-NX lets you develop and test a NIST SP 800-193-compliant PFR solution on a single board, using the Mach-NX as a Platform Root of Trust, and two Lattice ECP5 FPGAs which act as PFR-protected ICs in the system.

Protect – Using the Lattice Sentry Root of Trust Solution for Mach-NX, developers can test authentication of the protected ICs’ firmware using 384-bit key strength, before they boot.

Detect – The platform detects and blocks illegal SPI and SPI flash operations. This can be controlled and monitored using a dedicated user interface on a PC workstation.

Recover – The design can automatically replace damaged boot images of the Mach-NX and protected external devices with known good versions.

  • Pre-configured to detect, protect, and recover system firmware
  • Enable development of NIST SP 800-193 compliant solution
  • USB connection for device programming
  • Two ECP5 FPGA devices on-board with 256 M SPI/QSPI flash devices to simulate protected external devices